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Privacy Statement

Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ currently collects two types of information from its web site:

  • your IP (Internet Protocol) address;
  • information voluntarily submitted on publication order forms, meeting registration forms or e-mails sent to the Web site administrator, or for access to the Members Only section of our Web site; and cookies if the user so chooses.

Your IP address often does not identify an individual, but rather is only a temporary identification by which an individual obtains access to Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ Web site. Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ uses your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server and to administer our Web site quality. We do not use IP addresses to personally identify users. We use a log file of IP addresses to determine which areas of our site visitors like, based on the volume of traffic and to better prepare future site content based on the interests of users. We do not track the usage patterns of individual users, but rather how well each page on our site performs overall.

Information voluntarily disclosed to Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ either online or in writing through publication order forms, meeting registration forms, survey response forms, service enrollment forms and e-mail is added to the relevant Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ database to enable processing of the order or registration, or for appropriate response. This information is usually the name, address and item purchased, meeting attended or topic of interest. Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ will use its best efforts to prevent the government from obtaining member or customer information unless required by law.

Information provided to the The Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ in non-electronic form may also be used in this way. Individuals who would like to 'opt out' of receiving additional communications from Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ should contact Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ to have their information removed from our lists. Corrections or other changes may also by made by filling out the contact form or by calling (902) 462-6607.

Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ endeavors to take appropriate measures to assure the reliability of member records and to protect them from loss, misuse or alteration. Member records are protected from access by Internet users through a firewall.

Further information on Thoughtful Angels... And Friends™ Privacy Policy may be obtained by phoning (902) 462-6607 or by filling out the contact form. Please include "Website Information requested" in the subject line.